Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sleeping Beauty...

For about the first 10 years of my life, my favorite movie was Sleeping Beauty, no question about it. To this day, I still love it. It is definitely one of my favorites of the classic Disneys. Being all grown up however, has led me to realize that Sleeping Beauty has some very non-typical character structures for a Disney movie. Have any of you noticed that throughout the majority of the film, the plot does not follow that of the title character or her handsome prince, but of the doings of the three good fairies? Aurora and Philip really only speak within one twenty minute section of the movie, they're in it for quite a bit more, but they for some reason never speak. Aurora never speaks after getting the bad news that she won't be able to see the man she met in the forest again. This does seem odd, but considering for the majority of the rest of the film she's either depressed or asleep, it's not too unbelievable. Philip however doesn't speak after he tells his father that he's going to marry a peasant girl. It is a few minutes later in the film than Aurora, but he actually has quite a few scenes in which the characters around him speak, but he remains silent. Maleficent taunts him with a tale of his possible future, and the fairies talk to him and guide him out of Maleficent's prison to the castle, but the whole time, he doesn't even let out a heroic yell as he rides to his love's side. I've even heard rumors that the prince's odd silence is because the voice actor died halfway through, but a little research on the Internet Movie Database says that he didn't die until about twenty years after the movie was released.
Why the writers didn't give the main characters more lines is unclear, but it obviously wasn't too bad of a move since it took me 19 years and probably around 500 views to notice.
One more thing, Sleeping Beauty and her prince aren't the only characters to stay silent for most of the movie. The Queen has one line in the first five minutes ("and you aren't offended your excellency") and then never speaks again, not even after seeing her daughter for the first time after 16 years.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Diet Pill Scam...AcaiBurned

I recently fell for a diet pill scam (AcaiBurn...just stay away from it) Luckily, it was just a trial offer (the website made it sound like you get a free bottle...really you get 14 days to send the bottle back before they charge you 60 bucks...luckily I convinced them over the phone that I'd put up a pretty big fight if they charged me, seeing as the website clearly states that the first bottle is free).
However, what made this diet pill a scam was not the fact that they charge you for the free trial bottle. No, what made it a scam was the directions that came with it. In a document that came with the bottle, it stated that the pills do not work alone, you do have to put in "some" effort. In order for you to lose a noticeable amount of weight on these pills, you have to do all of the following:

1. Participate in at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise at least 4 times a week.
2. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.
3. Not eat for 3 1/2 hours before bedtime.
4. Walk for at least a half hour every day.
5. Eat Breakfast every day.
6. Never eat until you are full, only eat until you are no longer hungry.
7. Eat bigger meals earlier and lighter meals later.

So basically, the only way to lose weight with this $60 a month product is if you diet and exercise.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Everything Old is New Again...yay for Peter Allen...even though he has nothing to do with this post...

I've found that the more music I get, the less and less I crave new music. I think it's because the more music I have, the less I listen to each individual song, so when I'm in the mood for something new, I just listen to something I haven't listened to for a long time. For instance, earlier today I was thinking about Spring Awakening. Usually, I say it is my favorite musical. But lately, I've been listening to a lot of other things, and have kind of thought of it as not near as great as i used to. Then, just a few minutes ago, I realized that it has been months since I last listened to it, so I figured I'd play through some songs. And I love it all over again. I completely forgot how good it is. It's like new.

Okay, so I just looked at how this blog looks...and it cuts out the right side of the pics...this bugs me...but for some reason, my computer isn't letting me delete or edit the pictures right now...and I know I'm going to be too lazy to try just know that I know that it looks bad.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Okay, so here's the story behind the title of this blog. I decided to make a blog for whenever I feel like writing and sharing something. So I'm in the setup process...and I'm supposed to pick a title, and nothing is coming. I'm listening to the song The New World from Jason Robert Brown's Songs For a New World, and I decide that I'll make my title the first phrase that stands out to me...and considering that JRB is amazing, every phrase was standing out to me. The first one that I actually had time to write down was "an unexpected bend". I like it, it sounds like I spent forever coming up with something poetic.

The New World

A new world calls across the ocean
A new world calls across the sky
A new world whispers in the shadows
Time to fly, time to fly

It's about one moment
The moment before it all becomes clear
And in that one moment
You start to believe there's nothing to fear
It's about one second
And just when you're on the verge of success
The sky starts to change
And the wind starts to blow
And you're suddenly a stranger
There's no explaining where you stand
And you didn't know
That you sometimes have to go
‘Round an unexpected bend
And the road will end
In a new world

A new world calls for me to follow
A new world waits for my reply
A new world holds me to a promise
Standing by, standing by

It's about one moment
That moment you think you know where you stand
And in that one moment
The things that you're sure of slip from your hand
And you've got one second
To try to be clear, to try to stand tall
But nothing's the same
And the wind starts to blow
And you're suddenly a stranger
In some completely different land
And you thought you knew
But you didn't have a clue
That the surface sometimes cracks
To reveal the tracks
To a new world

You have a house in the hills
You have a job on the coast
You find a lover you're sure you believe in
You've got a pool in the back
You get to the part of your life
You hold the ring in your hand
But then the earthquake hits
And the bank closes in
Then you realize you didn't know anything

Nobody told you the best way to steer
When the wind starts to blow
And you're suddenly a stranger
All of a sudden
You life is different than you planned
And you'll have to stay ‘til you somehow find a way
To be sure of what will be
Then you might be free

A new world crashes down like thunder
A new world charging through the air
A new world just beyond the mountain
Waiting there, waiting there
A new world shattering the silence
There's a new world I'm afraid to see
A new world louder every moment
Come to me, come to me!