Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Classes I want/need to take to Graduate

I feel like every semester I go through and write all of the classes I need on paper, then I lose said paper. So, I'm writing them here.

English Major:

5711 Shakespeare
5940 Theories of Gender and Sexuality
A Seminar Course

Electives of Note (need 4):
5040 Studies in Drama
5210 Film Genres
5510 Creative Writing Fiction
5750 19th Century American Lit.
5770 20th Century British Lit.
5780 20th Century American Lit.
5960 Theories of Pop Culture

Theatre Minor:
Script Analysis
Theatre History II
Acting I
Production Lab/Babcock (1 credit)
6 Elective Credits (unless UVU will transfer)

Art History Minor:
2 3000-level courses (only one if UVU will transfer)
2 4000-level courses

General Education and BA requirements:

QA/QS Math Requirement (1-3 courses)
American whatever class
2020 level language course (2010 and 2020 for French)

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